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The signs that indicate some action, a specific file type, menu item and others that are implemented on the website or program interface are called icons. Icons are foundeverywhere, the desktop of any Personal Computer is presented in the form of icons. Online stores use icons to locate the shopping cart and the site menu. The list may go on further, the use of icons is implemented almost everywhere, they help a person to determine a visual anchor and easily navigate through the resource page or within a new program. Typically, each type of object corresponds to a certain type of icon. Thu, you can navigate in an unfamiliar interface based on the characteristic images. Icons are very widely used in the Internet resources, and it is not necessary that the website should have any commercial purposes. Common icons help to get the user’s direction on any resource, while using icons makes the resource more understandable and convenient. In other words, an icon is a simplified image of an action or object. Such images simplify the perception of content and allow you to draw one’s attention in the right place. An important rule for creating and using icons: they must be intuitive, associative, memorable and most important should not be of the same type. That is, icons should be significantly different from each other, so that people even could understand what and where is located only by a glance of an eye. Icons are a way of navigation that everyone understands, regardless of the language, age and other factors.
Use of icons
Today you can find icons on any resource. Their use is very diverse, images help solve a wide variety of tasks. Below is the list of the most common purposes of using icons.
For navigation.Supplying the navigation points by means of icons allows the user to easily navigate the site. For instance, an icon in the form of three horizontal bars, usually means a menu item.
Icons are perfect to use for indicating the categories of goods. This is done so to attract clients’ attention. Using icons instead of markers will not only look more attractive, but also attract the attention of the visitor. Thus, you can arrange more important information, for example, a list of services provided by the source. Being in the form of icons they will become brighter and more visible.
Icons are used to point on an action. Using icons as buttons for important targeted actions also helps to attract attention and make them intuitive. Moreover, such actions as downloading files with the necessary information or asking for advice in the event of questions can also be decorated in the form of icons. This will save server space and make the site more user-friendly.
Icons can be used instead of text. Icons will perfectly help in case the user does not intend to read the text and the owner of the resource knows this. In such situations it is the icons that will help convey to the visitor the main point, because it is no need to read it as it gets perceived visually.
Icons used to save space. Icons can save a lot of space and in small areas can contain a maximum of useful links, buttons other stuff. This approach is relevant for mobile applications or mobile website versions.
Beacons in the text. Icons can be inserted in the text where it is necessary to attract the most attention of the client. Besides automatically concentrating on the place where the icon is inserted, this content looks much more attractive.
Icons used for better perception. Using universal icons allows the user to quickly understand the possibilities of the resource, or to memorize the necessary information. It is based on a person's ability to perceive associative information faster, no matter the way it is provided. Thus, the use of icons makes it easier to use the resource, draw attention to important things, and make the resource understandable and enjoyable. Thus, you will increase the level of site usability.

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